My favorite sessions are ones that mark a season. So often the lives of our children are filled with seemingly mundane but often glorious milestones. Sometimes there are so many it's easy to miss what's happening. Pictures offer a tangible memory of the past. We can hold the images in our old, wrinkled hands and say "Ahhhh, yes. I remember the way your nose crinkled, the way you fit just under my chin and the way I looked at you when you were so small." 

Photographing the delicate balance of weaning a child is an honor that I always enthusiastically reply "YES!" to. I remember the process well with my own babies. The push and pull, the heartache and relief. It's a tender and necessary time. One that is worthy of being celebrated, documented and remembered. 

*Session photographed at the Yale Art Gallery. Art exhibit by Titus Kaphar