be easy.

take your time.

you are coming.


to yourself.

-nayyirah waheed

How we entangle our human experience with others is something that fascinates me on both an artistic level as well as a personal level. To me, pictures that display connectivity are the ones that have the most gravity, the most beauty. The way hands grasp, with all the stories they tell, a child's sense of contentment as she rests in her father's lap, the smile that spreads across a woman's face when she makes eye contact with someone she loves. It doesn't matter if the setting is pristine or if the outfits are perfect, you can have all of those things and still lack the components that make a picture have soul.

I have always thought about connection as happening between people and this last week I began to shift towards the idea of capturing connection with "self". This not some wild or new notion, it was a new thought for me when it comes to photographing people. As an artist, it's funny how what I am making on a creative level sometimes precedes my ability to comprehend it. I realized that I have been making pictures that display this type of connection for months now but didn't even realize it. Again, the theme of connection creating the most impactful pictures but this time it's when women, especially, are connecting with themselves. This mirrors the work I am doing on a personal level so it makes sense that this is overflowing to my physical lens.

When photographing women there is such an emphasis on making things look a certain way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel beautiful but I find myself less interested in pretty these days. I prefer power over beauty. I crave images that hold emotional gravity, connection to truth, and authenticity. To me, that's what translates to immeasurable beauty that reaches beyond the tangible. It's the kind of truth that can heal.